Unfortunately, I did not have any teaching duties while a Simons-Berkeley Fellow at the Simons Institute or at Tsinghua University / IIIS or while at Fields.

While a graduate teaching assistant, I taught 10 different semesters and 6 unique courses, including the first 4 semesters of calculus.

Included are tabulations of the evaluations of all the courses I've taught.

In addition, I've compiled some of the more informative teaching evaluations from my former students from over the years.

Sadly, I do not have copies of individual comments from the earlier years.

Fall 2008 Spring 2009 Fall 2009
Spring 2010 Fall 2010 Spring 2012
Eval 1
Fall 2012 Spring 2013 Summer 2013
Eval 1 Eval 1 Eval 1
Eval 2 Eval 2
Eval 3
Eval 4
Fall 2013
Eval 1
Eval 2
Eval 3
Eval 4
Eval 5
Eval 6

Past syllabi will be posted in the near future.