Here is a list of my published papers, including relevant preprints.

In preparation

B. Davis, J. D. Hauenstein, and M. Niemerg.
Structured Mixed Volume and Monodromy Homotopies for Solving Systems of Polynomial Equations.


D. B. Mehta, D. K. Molzahn, and M. Niemerg.
Towards Topologically Based Upper Bounds on the Number of Power Flow Solutions.

D. J. Bates, D. A. Brake, and M. Niemerg.
Paramotopy: Parameter Homotopies in Parallel.

D. J. Bates, J. D. Hauenstein, M. Niemerg, and F. Sottile.
Software for the Gale transform of fewnomial systems and a Descartes' rule for fewnomials.


(in reverse chronological order based on the date of acceptance)

D. B. Mehta, M. Niemerg, and C. Sun.
Statistics of Stationary Points of Random Finite Polynomial Potentials.
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment.

D. J. Bates, A. J. Newell, M. Niemerg.
BertiniLab: A MATLAB interface for solving systems of polynomial equations.
A version of this article will appear in Numerical Algorithms, 2015.

D. J. Bates, A. J. Newell, M. Niemerg.
Decoupling Highly Structured Polynomial Systems.
Special Issue on Numerical Algebraic Geometry in the Journal of Symbolic Computation.

D. Mehta, J. D. Hauenstein, M. Niemerg, N. J. Simm, and D. A. Stariolo.
Energy Landscape of the Finite-Size Mean-field 2-Spin Spherical Model and Topology Trivialization.
Physical Review E.

D. J. Bates and M. Niemerg.
Using Monodromy to Avoid High Precision in Homotopy Continuation.
Mathematics in Computer Science (2014): 1-10.

Y. He, D. Mehta, M. Niemerg, M. Rummel, and A. Valeanu.
Exploring the Potential Energy Landscape Over a Large Parameter-Space.
Journal of High Energy Physics 2013.7 (2013): 1-29.