I have many activities that I enjoy beyond my career and incorporate into my life.

I hike, camp, live sustainably, brew beer and make wine.


One of my favorite hobbies is hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. The further out in the wilderness, the better. I'd tell you where my favorite trails are located, but then they may become more populated. However, with a proper compass, it is possible to make your own trail. I'd be happy to teach you the fine skill of orienteering.


Being able to create a mini-settlement at a moment's notice in the middle of the woods is a bit of an art. Having the bare-minimum for survival and knowing what can be made readily in the wild and what cannot are vital traits to possess. Integrating this knowledge with the science of sanitation and food preservation leads to the following fact . . . car camping is quite enjoyable.

Sustainable Living

I bike nearly everywhere. Plus, the exercise is good for you.

Anytime I move, I always start a compost pile with my waste food scraps and yard clippings. It's very easy to do, requires little time, and is quite satisfying. I normally keep two kinds, regular composting and wormcomposting (AKA vermicomposting), but depending on length of stay at a place, I may not get a chance to properly set up my compost piles. Fortunately, Berkeley has mandatory composting for the city, so I don't feel bad about not having one.

The Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association is a great crew of people.

Whenever possible, support your local farmers! Or even better yet, grow your food for your entire family on 1/4 acre. Learn how now!

Brewing Beer and Making Wine

When I do all-grain brewing, I compost the grain (see above), or I reuse it for making bread! Surprisingly, you can make quite a bit of bread out of spent grains.

One of these days, I will grow my own hops (and grains)! Not to mention acres of fruit trees . . .

Data Privacy

I am an advocate of (individual) data privacy. Protect yourself online by using an anonymous web browser. Your information is collected, collated, and stored by everyone and being used for reasons you will never know.

The Diaspora* Project is an open-source decentralized social networking platform, currently in beta. You own all the data you post instead of corporations like Facebook. At one point, I had my own pod, but I am no longer running it. Please let me know if you want to see it back, I may be able to host it again in the future!